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Parking Payment System

Parking payment app that allows users to park with their phones in the regulated parking zones, the app lets you pay for your parking space with your mobile phone without going to the parking meter. Park correctly with our help!


Chictopia is the people’s fashion destination, where you can browse through an endless stream of street style photos, discover new bloggers, shop the latest trends, and upload and share your pictures. Chictopia is the place to give and get style inspiration.

Navcar – Taxi Ordering App

Mobile application "Navcar" is designed to simplify the process of taxi ordering. Users have an opportunity to check rates before validation and book car in advance. Besides, there is an option to choose baby seat, cabin baggage, oversized baggage, dog cage.

Simone – Beauty Salon Application

This application allows users to create personal account and book any type of beauty service wherever you are. Besides there is in an integrated Adyen payment provider in order to pay with a credit card.

Personal Finance Manager

This mobile application has been developed for convenient usage of the “Home finance” system’s personal account. It doesn’t require constant internet access and is very practical and easy to use. User could easily type new incomes and outcomes werever you are: standing in the shop, near the bank terminal, etc. by simly saveing it in the system storage.


Get gift cards, earn money and rewards, enjoy shopping and use the IMHO app at any number of locations! The app was designed to take the pain out of completing surveys at your favorite chain stores. The app simplifies the process for providing customer feedback and automatically enters you to win prizes like gift cards and cash.

Weather. Travel. Fashion

WTF gives you chic and stylish outfit ideas for day and night based on your local weather. You receives your personal Weather Stylist and can easily use the GO-TO app for every morning! WTF helpful features will help you to perform in-app purchases.

Vertidian POS

Optimizing restaurant operations, factoring in all the potential time-savers and profit-makers from beginning to end and streamlining them for your benefit. POS Project functions are entirely accessible for free, guests can order via their mobile devices while you can equip your staff with cutting-edge mobile tools that can boost their efficiency beyond belief.

Gambling Platform

Fully integrated networked gaming platform that maximises the quality of the system’s uptime, through the provision of an end to end approach including games development, in-house systems development and management, server based applications and hardware architecture design.

Docflow ERP System

This application has been developed in order to setup, execute and monitor the workflow of the enterprise. The system allows to create and manage accounts for the users dividing them into departments that helps properly organize the working process.

Wellness Assessments Platform

Platform demotes assessments in favor of a bottoms-up approach that supports individuals and families in managing their well-being. This project has been developed to meet the needs of big companies and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations to provide social activities for their employers.

Air Partnership Professionals

A huge community where all users are able to reduce the overall costs of aircraft by forming partnership to purchase and co-own aircraft, or by selling shares of an aircraft already own. If you are looking to sell, buy or trade aircraft, kits, avionics, parts, anything aviation, that is what you need.