Tailored according to your needs dedicated team
is ready to run deep!
6 cases when you do need a dedicated team
Long-term project
In case of complex or long-term project a dedicated team will be the ideal solution.
In-house team extention
You need to extend your existing core team with new experts? You can easily do that with Temy experts.
Close contact with offshore team
Hiring Temy dedicated team you continuously see progress and can react at all stages of development.
Unpredictable scope
It isn't an issue, if the scope of work for your project isn't yet fully known. Dedicated team works on a project till the expected result.
Changeable requirements
Dedicated team is flexible enough to modify itself, when it comes to task priorities or requirements varying.
Uncertain final result
If your needs and goals are unclear, and you cannot predict the final result, the dedicated team is the most suitable work model.
There is a fixed weekly or monthly budget, which is formed according to the quantity and ranking of the team members. You pay for spent hours with a minimal accepted workload, but you bear the risk that the final cost of software development might exceed your expectations. Minimal paid workload is set for each team member: full-time for developers, part-time for other roles.
Risks are distributed between TEMY and the Client. There are clear responsibilities distributed within the team. TEMY takes over any risks related to Human Resources: provision of substitution for team members in case of vacations, resignations, or sick leaves.
Flexibility & Efficiency
Requirements can evolve continuously, along with your business, and the development process is change-friendly and highly responsive. The client can quickly change the work plan or change the requirements. Perfectly combines with modern agile methodologies, for example with Scrum. It gives flexibility, which is vital for many businesses, especially mobile startups that start to build their products while still identifying target audience and their needs. So, your time-to-market is minimized.
Medium to large.
Involvement in the process
Involvement is deep over the entire project. Client directly communicate with other team members and participate in the management of the main aspects: scope, timeframes and budget. TEMY focuses on development and expertise.
Team is formed according to the required technology expertise and skills, depth of experience, availability, proactivity, communication skills. The Client can participate in recruitment.
The customer can perform full control and management of the team, determining the workload. There is the ability to see the results at all stages of development as well as constant monitoring of the progress of work and interaction with the team. This enhances the likelihood of getting what you want.