Fixed-price model will be a perfect option
for first-time cooperation!
6 cases when you do need a fixed-price
Small project
For small projects with a limited scope.
Short-term project
In case of short-term project.
If you want to test the product to satisfy early customers only, fixed-price MVP development will be the best solution.
Testing of a new vendor
When you are working with new contractor. Pilot project with fixed price can be a good test for contractor to become a permanent partner.
Limited budget
When you have a fixed budget, we just define the scope of work and start immediately .
Less communication
Use the fixed-price model, if you want to avoid the communication overhead.
It's easy to control your budget and cash-flow: you can know exactly when and what to pay. You are guaranteed that the final cost will not exceed the amount indicated in the contract.
Customer doesn't take any project risks, because all project risks will be transferred to the team.
Flexibility & Efficiency
You can negotiate changes with the contractor, but in this case project release can be delayed and budget can be changed.
Small (1-2 months).
Involvement in the process
Very deep before the start of development, at the stages of discussions and elaboration of requirements. After the start of development, your involvement is minimal until the product is delivered.
Team members with proper expertise and skills are selected by TEMY.
TEMY is responsible for the delivery of the product according to the approved documentation.