Temy QA Automation
Streamline your product updates without compromising on the quality!

Advantages of QA Automation

Fast product releases
QA Automation significantly cuts down the time-to-market of application, because automated tests are much quicker than manual.
High-quality testing
Even the most considerate tester will make mistakes during manual testing. Automated tests perform the same steps accurately every time they are executed and never forget to record detailed results.
Cut costs on testing
Manual tests are extremely time-consuming. The killer feature of automated tests is reusability: once created, the test library can be run again and again. So the rule still works: saving time, saving you money.
Thanks to automation, testing time for even the most complex systems can be predicted precisely. This would be impossible in the case of manual testing.
3 reasons to implement QA Automation
Massive product
It is a real challenge to manually test products that have a lot of features and different ways to use the product. Very often manual testers are just not able to manage the entire scope of work that falls in their lap. In that case, QA Automation becomes an indispensable way to handle that issue.
Kill days & bugs

Implementing new features requires regression testing. Performed manual regression testing takes a lot of time and can not ensure quality. On the other hand, automation performs significantly faster and more accurately.
Saving resources

The amount of code to test is rising alongside a product.
A team of continually expanding manual testers is not a cure-all, taking into account the extra costs and long on-boarding time. So, QA Automation is a perfect solution in case your manual team is no longer making progress on their own.

Temy QA services workflow

1. Audit and planning
We analyze existing systems and project documentation to understand the most time consuming and important parts to define. This allows us to determine, what to cover with automated tests first.
2. Design of testing framework
At this stage, we choose particular instruments and libraries for previously defined tasks.
    3. Environment setup
    Framework integration with the built/released system.
    Copy of the system similar to production on which auto tests are run.

      4. Automation test development
      • Construction of test-case for specific feature
      • Development of a test documentation
      • Programming test script
      • Debug on a test pipeline
      • Code review
      • Test deployment

        5. Test report analysis & auto-tests optimization
        • Configuration of test reports.
        • Analysis of performed tests.
        • Correction of test automation configuration.
        • While test coverage is expanding, we provide optimization and refactoring of auto-tests to reduce time-consumption.
          6. Delivery & the new testing cycle
          • Acceptance testing
          • Scope verification & deliverables check
          • Final test result reporting
          • Defining new tasks
          • Let's go to work!

          QA Automation Toolset & Platforms

          Selenium, Pupetteer,

          Mocha, Jest,

          Ensum, Appium,






          Our QA Automation expertise

          Frontier Car Group - Berlin-based startup who develops, launches, and operates used-automotive marketplaces within emerging market economies.
          We are testing an admin app for FCG. Our mission is to build up its automation suite and maintain ready suites to keep them up-to-date.
          Selenium Mocha
          automated tests completed
          of client's costs saved
          Tech Stack
          Frontier Car Group
          months of cooperation
          cycle time reduction
          Reali is a Real Estate technology platform where agents are paid a flat fee per transaction. To do this more efficiently Reali is looking to machine learning and artificial intelligence.
          Our mission is to make regression and sanity testing of Android and iOS Mobile apps faster and more qualitative.
          Apium Studio
          automated tests completed
          of client's costs saved
          Tech Stack
          Reali Marketplace
          months of cooperation
          cycle time reduction
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